Visual Artist: Tamara Diaz

Visual artist working with Acrylic Paint, Watercolors, Collage, Pen and Ink, Murals and Photography.
Providence, RI

Etsy Store: (Tamara Diaz Art) : http://www.Etsy.com/shop/TamaraDiazArt 

Face Book: ww, w.FaceBook.com/TamaraDiazArt         (Tamara Diaz Art) 

Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/TamaraDiazArt       (Tamara Diaz Art)




Resistance @ Galeria Del Pueblo, RI 

February – May, 2019

Solo Exhibition 

Nuestro Pasado Leung Gallery @ Brown University, Providence RI

October 26, 2018 

Group Latinx art exhibit as part of the Latinx Heritage Series 

Inspiration Weekend, Provincetown, Massachusetts 

October 5-7, 2018

Art exhibit/installation and Healing interactive art workshop 

The Healing Power of Art Therapy: Promoting Wellbeing Through Self-Expression @ Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI, Providence RI 

October 2018

Solo exhibit and Interview  

Todos Son Bienvenidos @ Johnson and Wales Bridge Center, Providence RI

September 2018

Group exhibit for Latinx History Month

Las Americas @ Brown University’s Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs 

September to November 2018

Juried Group Art Exhibit 

Being Peace Exhibit @ University of RI, Providence RI 

September 4-28, 2018

Group Exhibit 

State of the Arts @ University of RI, Providence, RI 

June 2018

Annual Group Exhibit of Faculty, Student and Retired Alumni Exhibit 

Cultural Tapestry: A Multi-Cultural Celebration of our Community @ URI Prov

March 26 to April 26, 2018

Group exhibit to celebrate the rich cultural diversity 

Center for Reconciliation @ St. John’s Cathedral, Providence, RI

March 2018

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrations: Reconciliation as Expressed through the Arts

Caribeña Imaginacion @ Tin Town Gallery, Cranston, RI

February 10 to 17, 2018 

Group Exhibit of 7 Latino Artists 

Latinx Heritage Series @ Brown University, Providence RI

October 2017

Theme centered on injustices women face in US, Latin America and Carribean

Se Aculillio?  / Are you Scared? 

October 1 to October 31, 2017 

An Group Exhibit of Contemporary Latin American Artists 

Latino Artist Exhibit at Gallery Z, Providence RI

September 7 to October 1, 2017

Group Art Exhibit

Codap (Colegio Dominicano de Aristas Plásticos)

September 1 to November 2017 

Group art exhibit 

Arte Natura , Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

September 1 to November 1, 2017

Group Exhibit 

Cuba: Inside and Out @ University of RI, Providence (URI) 

September 1-29, 2017

Group Exhibit and musical performances 

La Feria @ Foo Fest at AS220

August 13, 2017

Latino Artisans Market at an interactive Multi-media arts festival

La Galeria Fundacion Arte Natura in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

June to August 2017

Group exhibit

LUNA LOBA 6: Of Milk and Blossoms @ Black Box Theatre/AS220

May 7, 2017

“The Recovery:” Art installation/durational performance

REVELFEST 2017 at the Revel Factory

April 1, 2017

Group Event of Music, Art and Fashion to benefit the Autism Project Summer Camp

Thirty Years of Women’s History at University of Rhode Island, Providence RI

March 1-31, 2017 

Group Art Exhibit 

Art Therapy and Beyond @ Johnson & Wales University Bridge Center

March 2017 

A Solo Exhibit and Artist Talk

Power, Culture Pop Up Art Exhibit @ The Urban League, Providence, RI

March 2017

A Group exhibit: Empowering Innovation through Collaboration

Grand Opening of Galleria Del Pueblo, Cranston RI

December 2016 to January 2017

Group Exhibit of 3 Latino Artist

Latinx Heritage Month Art Exhibit @ Brown University Brown Center for Students of Color , Providence RI 

Oct. 15, 2016

Group Visual Art exhibit with dancers and performances at Leung Gallery

Cortado Por La Misma Tijera/Cut From The Same Cloth @ Institute for Practice of Non Violence, Providence RI

Sept 15th – October 15, 2016

Group Latino/Diversity Exhibit and Art and Culture  Celebration

Origins and Identities @ Atrium Gallery, Providence, RI

Sept 12 – October 28, 2016

Latino Group Exhibition of 4 Artists

Welcoming RI Exhibit @ Atrium Gallery, Providence, RI

Aug 20 – Sept 10, 2016

Group Gifts of Diversity Exhibit

Art Unites Communities @ Pawtucket Arts Collaborative, Pawtucket, RI

March 10 – April 7, 2016

Group Exhibit

Women Artists Having Their Say @ URI Feinstein Gallery, Providence, RI

March 1-31, 2016

Group Exhibit

Race Matters! @ URI Feinstein Gallery, Providence RI

January 25 – February 26, 2016

Group Exhibit

“Opposites” @ Art League of RI/VETS Gallery, Providence, RI

January 28, 2016 to March 19, 2016

Open Juried Regional Theme Exposition

“Portraits” @ Trescott Street Gallery, Taunton, MA

January 6 – January 27, 2016

Juried Group Exhibit

Attleboro Art Museum, Attleboro, MA 

December 9 2015 – February 3, 2016

Member’s Exhibition

Attleboro Art Museum, Attleboro, MA

April 11- May 9, 2015

Art Unites Communities: Visual Expressions Side-by-Side

*Group exhibit

Warwick Museum of Art, Warwick, RI

January 13-March 6, 2015

RISCA Traveling Latino Artists Exhibit

Art and Healing @ URI Providence Campus Gallery, Providence, RI

November 3-December 12, 2014

Group exhibit

Solamente Tamara: Colorful Soul @ URI Providence Campus Gallery, Providence, RI

October 1-31, 2014

Solo Exhibit (175 Works) and Part of National Association of Arts & Latino Culture (NALAC) Conference

Feria del Libro y Las Artes de Providence @ Prov Community Library, Providence, RI

October 3-5, 2014

Group Exhibit and presentations

“Remembering” at Attleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro, MA

June 16-30, 2014

2nd Annual Creative Impact Series Group Exhibit

Celebrate Cuba’s Independence Day @ South Prov Community Library, Providence, RI

May 2014

Solo exhibit and speakers/multi media and Latino Oral History Project of Rhode Island

The Narrative Image @ City Arts, Providence, RI

January to February 2014

Group Exhibit related to cultural history, identity and storytelling

Art of a King: A Martin Luther King Jr. Open House @ Dryden Gallery, Providence, RI

January 2014

Group Exhibit

The Fabric of Our Community @ University of RI, Providence Campus, Providence, RI

September 3-27, 2013

Multicultural community based group exhibit

“Providence Art Windows” @ University of RI Providence Campus, RI

August 2013

Part of The Association of American Cultures and Open Dialogue Conference

“Azua Sueña” @ Centro Cultural Héctor J. Diaz, Azua, Dominican Republic

July 2013

Group Mural designed by Betsy Casaña and Volunteer work with the children of Casa Ana

“Creative Feminisms” University of RI Providence Campus, Providence, RI

March 4-28, 2013

* Group Exhibit: Art, Activism & Everyday Action Exhibit

Atrium Gallery at RI Department of Administration, Providence RI

October1 to November 2, 2012

11th Annual State Latin American Art Exhibition

Group Exhibit sponsored by Rhode Island State Council for the Arts

Latino Heritage Exhibit @ City Arts, Providence RI

October 2012

Group Exhibit

3rd Annual State Celebrating Diversity Art Exhibit @ Warwick Museum of Art, RI

April 5 – April 29, 2011

Group Exhibit

Latin Hues Art Exhibition @ Tsetse Gallery, Providence RI

October to November 2010

Group Exhibition

“Coming Out” Art Exhibit @ University of RI (Providence Campus), RI

October 2010

Group Exhibit

Ralph J Holden Community Center, Central Falls RI

October 2010

Latino Community Celebration and Art Exhibit

“The Power of Four/El Poder de 4” @ Providence City Hall, Providence, RI

September to October 2010

Group Exhibit of four artists

“Art Unites Communities” @ Atrium Gallery, Providence RI

September 2010

2nd Annual Multi-Cultural Art Exhibit

Household Saints-Afro Cuban Arts Spirituality and Culture at URI, Providence RI

January – February 2010

Group Art Exhibit

Providence Phoenix Newspaper’s Art Mingling Event, SMOKE, Providence RI

February 2010

Group Exhibit hosted by Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

Annual State Latin American Art Exhibit @ Atrium Gallery, Providence, RI

October 2009

Group Exhibit

Conversaciones/Conversations @ Rhode Island School of Design, RI

September 2009

Group Art Exhibit and Cultural Presentations

Las Contemporaneas: Latina Artists @ Gallery DEMI, Providence, RI

September 2009

Group Exhibit

Miracle Due, Gonna Come True @ Courthouse Center for the Arts, RI

July 2009

Group Exhibit

Discovering Queer Art, Past Present and Future @  Gallery Q, RI


Group Exhibit

State of the Arts Exhibit @ University of RI Providence Gallery, RI


Annual State Latin American Art Exhibit @ Atrium Gallery, Providence, RI

October 2008

Group Exhibit

“Mi Puerto Rico” @ URI Providence Campus, Providence, RI

September 2008

Group Exhibit

Multi Cultural Art Exhibit @ Gail Cahalan Gallery, Providence, RI

August 2008

Group Exhibit

Colombian Association Art Exhibit @ Pawtucket Visitor’s Center, Pawtucket, RI

July 2008

Group Exhibit

“The State of the Arts in RI” @ URI Providence Campus, Providence, RI

June 2008

Group Exhibit

“Columbia Nos Une” @ Pawtucket Visitor’s Center, Pawtucket, RI

June 2008

Group Exhibit

“Hermana A Hermana” @ Johnson & Whales University Multicultural Center, Prov RI

January 2008

Group Exhibit

“A Taste of Culture” @ Rhode Island College, Providence, RI

December 2007

Group Exhibit

“Vision Creativa!” @ University of RI (URI) Providence Campus Gallery, Providence, RI

November 2007

A Multicultural Mixed Media Exhibit

Center for Hispanic Policy and Advocacy, Providence, RI

November 2007

Silent Auction Benefit

“Herencia de Las Americas/Heritage of the Americas @ Pawtucket Visitor’s Center, Pawtucket, RI

October 2007

Group Exhibit

State Latin American Art Exhibit Atrium Gallery, Providence, RI

October 2007

“Expressiones Y Colores de Artistas Latinos” (Visions and Colors of Latin Art)

6th Annual State Latin American Art Exhibit

“Living Water” @ St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Providence, RI

October 2007

Solo Exhibit

Firehouse 13 Gallery, Providence, RI

July 2007

Providence Latin American Film Festival Reception
 and Group Art Exhibit

The Space at Alice, Providence, RI

June to July 2007

Pride For Life Art Exhibit

Robert Anthony Interiors, Philadelphia PA

May to June 2007

Paintings by Tamara Diaz
 • Solo exhibition

Flourish Gallery, Philadelphia PA

March to June 2007

Heads: Five Local Artists Explore Portrature

Las Casuelas, Philadelphia PA 

November 2006

Girard Nights: Philadelphia’s Premiere Mulitcultural ‘First Friday’ Event

“Distortion” @ Atrium Gallery, Providence, RI

October 2006

The 5th Annual Rhode Island State Latin American Art Expo

Q Art @ Art Institute Gallery, The Art Institute of Philadelphia, Philadelphia PA

June-July 2006

Group Exhibit

Three Columns Gallery @ Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

April 2006

The Human Pixel Project

NHS Human Services Eastern Regional Diversity Conference, Philadelphia, PA

April 2006

“NHS Habla Español”
 (Group Exhibition)

William Way Community Center, Philadelphia, PA 

February 2006

Group Exhibit

“Los Tres Reyes”@ Community College of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA 

December 2005 – January 2006

(The Three Kings) Group Art Exhibit

“Starting Over” @ The Rotunda, Philadelphia PA 

November 2005

Group Exhibit

“My North Philly: Celebrating Our Culture”, Philadelphia, PA 

November 2005

Group Mural Project

Puerto Rican Federal Affairs Administration, Philadelphia, PA

November – January 2005

“Alma Y Corazon” (Heart and Soul)
 Solo Exhibition

Knight Campus Gallery, Community College of Rhode Island, Warwick, RI

November – December 2005

Group Exhibition of Latino Artists

Venezuela Gallery, The Consulate of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, New York, NY

Nov – Dec 2005

“Nostalgia/Memorias,”  Group Exhibition

“Perfidia” at Atrium Gallery, Providence, RI

October – November 2005

4th Annual State Latin American Visual Arts Expo 2005

Group Exhibition

Salve Regina University, Newport RI 

October -November 2005

“Collectiva Internacional”
 Group Exhibition

Feria Del Barrio, Philadelphia, PA

September 2005

Latino Arts Festival

“The Big Art Show” at South Philadelphia Athenaeum, Philadelphia, PA 

August 2005

Group Exhibit

“Off The Wall” at Qbix Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 

July – August 2005

• Group Exhibition

Halcyon Gallery, Philadelphia PA 

July to August 2005

Group Art Exhibit

“Connecting the Dots/Connectando Los Puntos” at Sol Gallery, Providence, RI 

March to June 2005

Group Exhibit

LGBTQ Students of Color Pride Event at Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA

February 2005

Solo Art Exhibition/Presentation

“Carnival” URI Providence Campus Gallery, Providence, RI 

January to March 2005

Group Exhibition

Social and Public Art Resource Center at http://www.SparcMurals.org

November 2004 to January 2005

“What Now? Artist’s Proposals for the Future” An Online Exhibit

Gallery At City Hall, Providence, RI 

November to December 2004

Group Latino Exhibition

La Colectiva, Philadelphia, PA 

November to December 2004

Paintings by Tamara Diaz
  • Solo Exhibit

Rhode Island PBS Art and Antique Auction, Providence, RI

October 2004

“Globalizacion” at Atrium Gallery, Providence, RI

October to November 2004

Rhode Island Latin American Visual Arts Exposition

“Democracy Hangs in the Balance” at Social and Public Art Resource Center, Venice, CA 

October – December 2004

Online Exhibit

“Look at Me! Look at Me!” Artist’s Self-Portrait Project by Robert Canaga Gallery

September to December 2004

Online Exhibit/Project

Los Angeles Center For Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA

September to October 2004

Group Exhibit

Art Against War: An Anti Militarist Art Exhibit
 at French Fry Factory, Oakland, CA

June 2004

Group Art Exhibit Sponsored by Not In Our Name

Warwick Museum of Art, Warwick, RI

May to July 2004

Solo Exhibit: “Dreaming in Colors: New Paintings by Tamara Diaz”

The Arcade Gallery, Providence, RI

May – June, 2004

The Providence Festival of New Latin American Films presents an exhibition of Latin American artists.

AS220, Providence, RI

April – May 2004

Solo Exhibit: “Colorful Chaos” Paintings by Tamara Diaz

“Collective 2004” at City Arts Gallery, Providence, RI

April 2004
 to May 2004

Hispanic Cultural Society presented this group exhibit

Renaissance Gallery, Narrows Center for the Arts, Fall River, MA

March 2004
 to April 2004

“Salsa Tropical: A Latino Art Exhibit” curated by Tamara Diaz

World Social Forum 2004, Mumbai, India

January 2004

Group Art Exhibit

“The Last Supper, A New Interpretation” at Island Arts Gallery, Newport, RI

December 2003
 to January 2004

Group Exhibit of 12 RI Artists

“Providence Design House”, Providence, RI

October – November 2003

A Designer Showcase: Rooms/interior design and Gardens by Decorators and Visual Artists

“Individual Concerns” at Gallery of Social and Political Art, Boston MA

October – November 2003

Group Exhibit

Atrium Gallery at Rhode Island State Council for the Arts, Providence

October – November 2003

Group Exhibit of Latino Artists

Empty Bowl Exhibit and Silent Auction at Sakonnet Artists Cooperative, Tiverton, RI

October – November 2003

A benefit for St. Vincent’s Home for Children

Voz Mujer: Latina Women’s Empowerment Group Graduation Ceremony and Reception, 
Providence, RI

October 2003

*Group Exhibit

“Gallery Party” – Gala at a Private Residence, Providence, RI

October 2003

Group Exhibit

East Side YMCA Gallery, Providence, RI

October 2003

Group Exhibit

Rhode Island PBS Art Auction and Exhibition, RI

October 2003

“Sabor Latino: An Exhibit with Latino Flava” at White Electric Coffee, Prov RI

September – October 2003

Group Exhibit 

Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art, Inc, Chelsea, New York

September to October 2003

“Silhouettes of the Soul:” Group Exhibit

Providence Tourism Council, Providence, RI

September 2003
 to October 2003

“A Selection of Women Artists”

“Journey of the Mind” at Gallery Insane, Providence, RI

July – August 2003

Group exhibit

University of Rhode Island Providence Campus Gallery, Providence, RI

June to August 2003

“Creative Sol”

Group exhibit by Latino Artists

City Hall, Providence, RI

June to July 2003

Latino Group Art Exhibit

Gallery Insane, Providence, RI

June to July 2003

“A Sense of Pride”
     • Group Exhibit

YMCA Arts Exhibit and Fundraiser at Dryden Galleries, Providence, RI

May 2003

Group Art Exhibit

“True Colors” at Renaissance Gallery, Fall River, MA

April 2003

Solo Exhibit

Providence Ethnic Arts Festival, Providence, RI

April 2003

“Mother” at International Women’s Day Festival, Providence, RI

March to April 2003

Group Art Exhibit

Renaissance Gallery, Fall River, MA

Jan to Feb. 2003

Group Exhibit

“Cool Color Show” at Gallery Insane, Providence, RI

Jan to Feb. 2003

Group Exhibit

“Open Windows” at AS220, Providence, RI

Oct to Nov. 2002

Solo Exhibit

Warwick Museum of Art, Warwick, RI

Oct 2002
 to November 2002

Juried Group Exhibit

Peck Gallery, Providence, RI

July to August 2002

Group Exhibit

“Un Mundo De Colores” at Warwick Museum of Art, Warwick, RI

May 2002

(A Colorful World) • Solo Exhibit

Art Supply Warehouse, Providence, RI
April, 2002
     • Solo Exhibit

Coffee Exchange, Providence, RI
February, 2002
     • Solo Exhibit

Brown University, Providence, RI
     • Diversity Group Exhibit

Hope Street Gallery and Café, Providence, RI
     • Solo Exhibit

Hairspray Salon and Gallery, Providence, RI
     • Ongoing Exhibit

Art Supply Warehouse, Providence, RI
     • Solo Exhibit

Rhode Island College (RIC), Providence, RI – May, 1998.
     • Master’s in Social Work (MSW) 
     • Clinical track focusing on children and families.
Roger Williams University (RWU), Bristol, RI – May, 1995.
     • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
     • Major in Psychology, minor in American Studies.
Cultural Studies in England and New Mexico, 1994
Parsons School of Design, NYC. Graphic Design Class, Summer 1990.

*Women of Distinction Exhibit March 3-28, 2014 @ URI Providence, RI
*75 Women Honored
Winner of the Award of Merit, Manhattan Arts International 20th Anniversary Art Competition, New York, NY – July 2003
Winner of the Extraordinary Woman Award, Cultural Enrichment, Providence, RI – March 2010

Featured in:

The PAUL REVIEW (2017) The Philadelphia Art and Urban Literary Review 
Providence Journal – October 2014
RI Monthly – “The Weekly Round Up: Five Can’t Miss Events in RI”
Evolución Magazine – September 2014
“She Shines Magazine” – March 2010
”Creative Soup Zine” – Spring, Issue One 2005
Published in:
”The Ambassador”: A Canada Cuba Literary Alliance Magazine – Volume 2, Winter 2004
Featured in:
”The Glimpse” magazine – Fall Issue 2004

Related Experience:
School Social Worker at SouthSide Elementary Charter School 2006 to Present, Residential Social Worker/Clinician, – Spring 2000 to Present,
Family Services Association, based at St. Vincent’s Home for Children, Fall River, MA
     • Focus on expressive therapies, such as Art and Play Therapy, with children


Print All Over Me (www.Paom.com) Designer 2015 to present

National Association for Latino Arts and Culture,  2014 to present

Rhode Island Latino Arts 2014 to present

Women’s Caucus for Art Member, May 2005 – 2007

Co-Chair of the RWU Multi-Cultural Affairs Committee (MAC), 1994 to 1995.

Director of the RWU Minority Mentor Program, 1994 to 1995.


Community Projects:

City Walk PVD Street Mural on Broad Street, Providence RI (RISCA Grant) June 2018

“The Recovery” @ Luna Loba 6: Of Milk and Blossoms, Black Box Theatre @AS220, Art Installation/Performance (2017)

“The Surgery” Art Installation/Performance @ Revelfest, RI (2017) 

“Azua Suena” Mural and Art Therapy Trip, Azua, Domincan Republic (June-July 2013) 

“Peace Pump” Mural, Mt. Hope Young Women’s Group and Community @ Martin Luther King Jr. School, Providence, RI (2012)



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