RESISTANCE a solo exhibition by Tamara Diaz

@ Galeria Del Pueblo, RI Latino Arts

February – May, 2019




October 5-7, 2018 in Provincetown, Massachusetts 




Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 10.00.06 PM



(Below: Tamara Diaz Art Interactive Art Table at Inspiration Weekend, Ptown (2018) 




The Healing Power of Art Therapy: Promoting Wellbeing Through Self-Expression, Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI, Providence (October 2018)










“The Americas” @ Watson Institute of International & Public Affairs at Brown University

September – December 2018



Opening Reception:
September 7, 2018 3-5 pm, North Common Room, Watson Institute, Brown University (111 Thayer Street, Providence, Rhode Island)

Some of the artists in this exhibit: Raphael Diaz, Kat Chavez and Valentine Amari 



Official Launch of the CLACS Sawyer Seminar Series

September 14, 2018

            On Friday September 7, 2018, the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Brown launched its 2018-2019 Sawyer Seminar Series “Race and Indigeneity in the Americas” with a reception, art exhibit, and folkloric music showcase. Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Sawyer Seminar Series will bring eclectic programming to campus this year with the goal of radically rethinking racialization in the Americas. In this vein, the kick off events invited participants to consider questions of race, indigeneity. and identity via the lenses of visual arts and music.

 The juried art exhibit “The Americas”, invited visual artists from Brown and the larger Rhode Island community to submit pieces in photography, painting, and other mixed media that represented ideas about, experiences of, and cultural expressions from North and South America. The winning piece, Mirabilis jalapa,  by Brown undergraduate Kat Chavez, uses cochineal dye, muslin and yarn to explore “the various ways in which indigenous knowledges were exploited by Europeans”. The second place piece, Endangered Mexican Orchid from the Brown Herbarium Laelia Furfuracea, Collected in 1894 by C. G. Pringle by Lyn Hayden, depicts a dried, rare orchid flower from a vast 19th century archive of Mexican plants. These pieces along with 14 other submissions are on display on the second floor of the Watson Institute through the end of the semester.
Links to articles about Las Americas Exhibit:




URI Feinstein Providence Campus Arts and Culture Program


BEING PEACE Exhibit September 4-28, 2018

with a Gallery Night Reception on September 20th 5-9 pm.


The exhibit is presented in collaboration with the Peace Flag Project, the URI Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies in recognition of International Peace Day and the need to engage in creating peace in our time.  The artwork is focused the notion creating of peacewithin, and transforming that quality in our relationships within the family, the community, the nation, across the globe and with our environment.  The exhibit includes works of art in all media by the late Christiane Corbat, the late Corita Kent, Sally Barker, Gael Berberick, David Lee Black, David Baggarly, Angel J. Cajigas-Arbelo, Paul Crimi, Bill Comeau, Gigi Desalulniers, Tamara Diaz, Kim Ellery, Lilian R. Engel, Catherine Housley, David Koukol, Gerard A LaDoux, Heebe Tee Tse Lee, Michelle Lee, Sandra Lee, Saberah Malik, Munir Mohammed, Tracie Montgomery, David Clyle Morse, Keira Place, David S Pinkham, Jose Ramirez, Hannah Resseger, Anne Mimi Sammis, Jordan Seaberry, Justin Stanley, Christopher Thomas, Anthony Tomaselli, Joy Williams.  This exhibit along with one at the RISCA Atrium Gallery, Peaceable Kingdom and the First Unitarian Church on Benevolent Street in Providence share a series of exhibits on Peace.



THE STATE OF THE ARTS: URI, RIC, CCRI – Faculty Student, Alumni and Retired Faculty Exhibit June 4-28 with Gallery Night Reception June 21, 5-9pm


The annual mixed media 2d and 3d exhibition highlights the fine arts education at all three state schools, the accomplishments of the students, inspiration of the dedicated faculty and the successful career achievements of the alumni and retired faculty.  Among the more than 75 artists this year include: Rachel Cresser Featherston, Astrid, Craig Bachman, Marjorie Ball, Donato Beauchaine, Nathan Blaney, Mike Bryce, Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon, Michael Carlin, Tony Carniero, Angelina Chiong, Nicholas Costa, Victoria Dalpe, Lauren DelBrocco, Joanne Delomba, David DeMelim, John DeMelim, Tamara Diaz, Melanie Ducharme, Lilian R. Engel, Adam Ferbert, Joanne Ficorelli, George Garcia, Christian Goncalves, Melissa Guillet, Sean Harrington, Alan Hawkridge, Patricia Hawkridge, Jill Ann Heffernan, Graham Heffernan, Vee Hight, Hannah Zane Hines, David T. Howard, Annie Kennedy, Liliya Krys, Mary Kudlak, Heebe-Tee-Tse Lee, Sandra Lee, Michael Lapointe, Nixon Leger, Lester ‘Butch’ Lombardi., Betsey MacDonald, Abigael McGuire, Nick McKnight, Samantha Malley, Angelo Marinosci, Jr., William Martin, Krzysztof Mathews, Richard ‘Dick’ Mathews, Pamela Messore, Ian Mohon, Tracie Montgomery, Tom Marino, Tom Morrissey, Titilola Martins, Shanice Medeiros, Lisa Champagne Morgan  Richard Muto, Philip Palombo, Shawn Parker, Gerry Perrino, Mae Pearson, Kiera Place, Lisa Marie Ricci, Dianne Reilly, Gary Richman, Carol Rodi, Dave Robinson, Melissa Rivers Hyde, Marilyn Salvatore, Bijan Shadravan, Jade Sisti, David Shapiro-Zysk, Justin Stanley, Zoey Stites, Michael L. Stricklin, Janice Lee Strain, Jacqueline Sylvia, Manaal Syed, Carol Tack, Christopher Thomas, Susanne Tierney, Anthony Tomaselli, Sherly Torres, Kyong Tuchapsky, Clare Vadeboncoeur, Gayle White, Crandon Whitsitt-Lynch, Stephen Wood, Jane Yacavone.


June 15, 2018

City Walk PVD on BROAD


Temporary Street Mural on Broad and Public Street, South Providence, RI 


(Photos above and below by Rolando Diaz) 





@URI Providence RI USA March 26-April 26, 2018


This exhibit is a celebration of the rich cultural diversity represented in our community by age, gender identity, sexuality, race and ethnicity. It includes works by students, community artists and area professional artists in all media: Carolina Arentsen, Astrid, Taalibah and Carlos Cabral, Nilton Cardena, Daniyar (Dan) Baidaralin, Zhanat Baidaralin, Vera Kurmasheva, Asylgul Baidaralina, Paul A Daglieri, Felix Diclo, Raphael Diaz, Tamara Diaz, Rebecca Flores, George Garcia, Francisco Hernandez, JEROCK, David Koukol, Nixon Leger, Hector Ledesma, Hebe Lee,  Viongxay Luangvija, Khamla Luangvija, Vilay Thilavong Luangvija, Nang Kangna, Somsanouk Luangvija, Vilay Luangvija, Saberah Malik, Angelo Marinosci Jr., Bili Mason, Evans Molina Fernandes, Munir Mohammed, Deborah Spears Morehead, Tracie Montgomery, Willy Perez, Basma Samira, Jordon Seaberry, Christopher Thomas, Jose Sejo , Anita Trezvant, Graham Gruner, Willow CasaNova, April Doran, Titilola Martins, Angel Beth Smith, Central Falls High School Students.



(MARCH 2018 at The Center for Reconciliation at St. John’s Cathedral, Providence RI)


(Photo above by Tamara Diaz. Some of the artists/visitors to the exhibit and discussion. Munir Mohoammed, Daniel Hibbert, Monique Rolle Johnson, Monique and Tony’s son, Tony Johnson, Sylvia Soars, Joy Williams and Gerard A LaDoux)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebrations Focus on Reconciliation as Expressed in the Arts
March 8, at the Center for Reconciliation in Providence

“Reconciliation as Expressed in the Arts,” will be presented Thursday March 8, at 7 PM at The Center for Reconciliation (formerly St. John’s Cathedral), 271 North Main Street, Providence, and will include the works of local and national artists and a discussion of the exhibit. The exhibit is in partnership with URI’s Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Education and Professional Studies.

“The Art of Reconciliation! Exhibit” features works of art in painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, assemblage and construction by 15 area artists from all nationalities, faiths, and walks of life. Young and seasoned professional artists including Rev. Bill Comeau, the late Christiane Corbat, URI Professor Bob Dilworth, Gerard A. LaDoux, Tamara Diaz, Daniel Hibbert, Heebe Tee Tse Lee, Saberah Malik, Munir Mohammed, David Clyle Morse, Cynthia Packard, Pamela Chatterton Purdy, Monique Rolle Johnson, Jordon Seaberry, and Anthony Tomaselli.

The works will be accompanied by the words of of Reconciliation from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. which will be spoken, sung, danced and musically interpreted by Carol Pegg, Yunus Quddus, Ronya Traynham, Frank V. Toti, Jr., and Joy Ann Williams as the guests visit the space.

The series began with four faith leaders reflecting on “Reconciliation as Expressed in Four Faith Traditions” on January 11, and continued with the second event, “Reconciliation as Expressed in Music,” on Thursday, Feb. 8 at St. John’s Cathedral, and featured choral instrumental performances.

“Across many human conflicts and struggles for civil rights, music has served to signal protest, preserve dignity and promote reconciliation and unity,” said David J. Beauchesne, executive director of the Philharmonic. “In our own lives, most of us can think of a moment where music helped reconcile us to our deepest emotions, our sense of self, our own cultural heritage.”

Link to Press Release:


Caribeña Imagincion at TinTown Studio, Cranston RI Feb 10 to 17, 2018

TinTown(2)18(Below: Photo by Tamara Diaz with Raphael and Yarine Diaz and José Sejo)


(Below: Photo of the some of the artists in the exhibit with the two directors. From Left to Right: Paul Carpentier and Dennis DelSignore, (co-owners of TinTown Studio) Franscisco Hernandez, Felix Diclo, Tamara Diaz, Jose Sejo, y Raphael Diaz. Photo by Yarine Diaz)




(Below: Raphael and Yarine Diaz, Nancy Alfaya y Jorge Olivera con Tamara Diaz)


(Photo below by Tamara Diaz) 


(Below: Photo by Tamara Diaz – Some of the artist and community members at the opening reception: Yarine Diaz, Jose Ramirez, Delia Rodriguez-Masjoan, Joel Rosario Tapia, Felix Diclo and Jose Sejo) 







Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 7.01.05 AM

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 7.00.34 AM




  This year the Latinx Heritage Series at Brown will be presenting the Latinx Art Exhibition. For this year’s art exhibition, the theme will be centered on women. The art pieces or performances displayed should represent in one way or another the injustices that women face in the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Este año, Latinx Heritage Series en Brown presentará la Exposición de Arte Latinx. Para la exposición de arte de este año, el tema se centrará en las mujeres. Las piezas de arte o presentaciones exhibidas deben representar de una forma u otra las injusticias que enfrentan las mujeres en Estados Unidos, América Latina y el Caribe.




Se ACULILLO? Are you scared? @ ASS220 October 2017

¿Se aculillo? / Are you scared? is a one-month pop up exhibit in AS220’s Resident Gallery showcasing visual artists’ historically grounded and contemporary reckonings with fear.

The phrase. ¿Se aculillo?, is a Colombian taunt that roughly translates to, “Are you scared?” More literally, aculillo refers to a sensation of the body clenching or curling inward.

This October, as part of Hispanic Heritage Month, Lundberg Torres Sanchez invites Latinx/Latine artists whose work relates to themes of fear, apprehension, and the body, OR to the phrase ¿Se aculillo? / Are you scared? to submit work.

Note about Latinx and Latine: The show title uses both Latinx and Latine as gender neutral forms of Latina/Latino. Latinx is a distinctly U.S. American, gender-neutral term that has been taken up by queer, radical spaces, and, subsequently, the academy in the United States. Latine (and the practice of replacing “a/o” endings with “e”), on the other hand, is a gender neutral language that more easily flows and conjugates in spoken Spanish.





This September, Gallery Z in Providence, RI will be featuring works by local, regional and internationally known Latino Artists, including Nilton Cardenas (Peru), Virginia Delgado (Uruguay), Tamara Diaz (Cuba), Liliana Fijman (Argentina), Evans Molina (Cuba), Julian Penrose (Brazil) and Sidney Tillett (Guatemala).



At University of RI Providence Gallery (Sept 1-29, 2017)

OPENING RECEPTION: Sept 21, 2017 5-9pm



La Feria returned to AS220 for its third iteration! La Feria, an artisans market, made its debut in 2015; it was previously called La Feria Artesanal Latinoamericana or Latin Americans’ Artisans Fair gathering 22 vendors from thirteen different countries! This year we are excited to return to our first home during FOO FEST!

(above by Sussy Santana)



This is the 3rd annual Feria and this year we partnered with AS220’s FOO FEST! (8-12-17)



(Below: My first International exhibit) June-August 2017




Below: “The Recovery” durational performance and art installation @ Luna Loba 6 (Design by Tamara Diaz and Make up by Joe Pari)


“The Recovery” by Tamara Diaz (above)

This installation/durational performance was a true story about my recovery from a recent surgery in January 2017. I was not sure if I would be able to participate in a solo art exhibition scheduled in March 2017. I was not well and joked with my friends that if I could not walk, they could carry me in, in my bed, like Frida Kahlo, and the idea for “The Surgery” art installation was born; The Recovery is Part II. The installation  is about healing and all that one goes through when they have to surrender control and rely on others. You are not sure of the outcome and everything feels surreal. You feel like a zombie, like you might be alive but life is passing you by as if you are an observer. I was cared for by my mother, like I was still a child.

People who have not visited you start to call and visit. You have time off from work but may or may not have enough energy to enjoy it. You search for protection (symbolized by the altars, saints, essential oils and art) and pray for your precious health. Words cannot describe what you are going through. You are put on medications that are potentially addicting without much discussion of how to stop, and you may develop secondary issues that you did not have before. The characters and objects from the hospital become a part of your life/performance and experience as you are forced to look a life through a different lens. 

LUNA LOBA 6: Of Milk+Blossoms
Sun, May 7, 2017
AS220 Black Box Theater

LUNA LOBA is a performance and new media series in tribute to the Full Moon; highlighting the work of female and gender neutral artists. This May Full Moon is the moon of Milk +/or Flowers. This time, we receive the Flower/Milk Moon of May. Performance art, sound, body/voice, video.

Themes: Explosion, bursting, healing, nursing, milk, feeding, hunger, desire.

Doors at 8:00PM. Show starts at 8:30PM. Ends at 10PM
Admission: $5. // *Please arrive early to secure a seat!

Laila Aukee
Janaya Kizzie
Tamara Diaz (durational) “The Recovery” 
Vinegar Averie
Iris Creamer
K Funmilayo Aileru
Linda Ford (durational)
Shey Riv // La Tumba
Corinne Wahlberg
Reza C. Clifton
Janira Vega (durational)
Carol Scavotto (installation)
Valerie Cardenas


April 3-28, 2017

Gallery Night Reception: April 20, 5-9pm


The exhibit is a celebration in all media representing the diversity of our community by age, gender identity, sexuality, race and ethnicity, The exhibit includes students, community artists and area professional artists including: Astrid, Dorothy Abram, Deanna Camputaro, Russell R. Chabot, Taalibah Muhammad-Cabral, Ted DeLucia, Tamara Diaz, Felix Diclo, Rebecca Flores, Ricky Gagnan, George Garcia, Sean Harrington, JEROCK, Linda King, Charles Laflamme, Iwona Lapczyk, Hee Bee Tse See Lee, Nixon Leger, Viongxay Luangvija, Saberah Malik, Angelo Marinosci, Jr., Bili Mason, Munir Mohammed, Ian Mohon, Evans Molina Fernandez, Tracie Montgomery, Deborah Spears Morehead, Silaphon Nhong, Lydia Perez, Basma Samira, Christopher Thomas, Anita Trezvant, Central Falls High School Students.


REVELFEST @ Revel Factory:

249 Roosevelt Ave, Pawtucket, April 1, 2017, 7-10pm



(Photo below by: John Deputy) Photo of an art installation and interactive durational performance called “The Surgery” by Tamara Diaz at Revel Fest 2017) Makeup and much more by Joe Pari.















GaleriaDelPueblo'16Below: Latinx Heritage Month Art Exhibit @ Brown University Center For Students of Color, Oct 15, 2016




Below: Feria del Libros Y Las Artes de Providence (Sabado Octubre 1, 2016) at Providence Career and Technical Academy (PCTA) in Providence RI USA.


Below: Art Unites Communities @ Pawtucket Arts Collaborative

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.10.17 AM

Dates: March 10 to April 7, 2016

Opening Reception: Thursday March 10, 2016 5:30 to 7:30pm

Where: 560 Mineral Spring Avenue, Pawtucket, Ri (first floor)


Below: URI Feinstein Providence campus Arts & Culture Program presents: 


March 1-31, 2016

Gallery Night Reception March 17, 5-9pm

This exhibit features a group of local professional artists who happen to be women, and whose work in a wide range of styles and media speaks to many ideas and issues that impact our world. On the eve of the 40th Anniversary of the Celebration of Women’s History Month, one might ask, “As women, what are some of the issues of concern from a woman’s perspective? How is the world, and how is the artworld giving voice to women today? Has the glass ceiling been shattered or shifted in the course of the last 40 years?”

The exhibit will include a special SALON ON WOMEN IN THE ARTS March 13th at 3:30pm with coffee led by women from all disciplines in the Rhode Island artworld – following the 2pm performance of Antigone by an all-female cast. All are welcome (yes, males too!)

The artists represented in the exhibit include: Jillian Barber, MaeAlice Davis, Tamara Diaz, Melanie Ducharme, Rebecca Flores, Margaret Hart, Saberah Malik, Madolin Maxey, Kate Oggel, Cynthia Packard, Hannah Resseger, Carol Rodi, Carol Scavatto, Zoey Stites, Rebecca Siemering, Erin Smithers, Kristin Street, Jacqueline Sylvia, Robyn Thomas, Jessica Thurber, Denyse Wilhelm, Cynthia Whelan Nelson, Gail Whitsitt-Lynch.

All events are free and open to the public.


URI Feinstein Providence campus Arts & Culture Program


Where: URI: 80 Washington Street, Providence RI USA

Opening Reception: Thursday Feb 7th, 2016 5:30 to 9pm

Exhibit Dates: January 25 – February 26, 2016


RACE MATTERS! is an exhibit presented by URI Feinstein Providence Campus Arts and Culture Program in the 1st and 2nd floor Lobby Gallery January 25-February 26th in honor of Black History Month with a Reception February 7th from 1-4pm with story sharing at 2pm. The exhibit features the work of Professor Bob Dilworth along with 20 notable local artists celebrating Racial and Cultural Diversity, and exposing our long history and the recent explosion of horrible acts of Racism across the nation and the world through the visual arts in all media.


Along with the nationally acclaimed artist Professor Bob Dilworth, the exhibit will include works by Rufus Abdulla, Sharon Armour, Ramona Bass Kolobe, Pamela Council, Tamara Diaz, Reza Clifton, JEROCK, Monique Rolle Johnson, Linda King, Nixon Leger, Cynthia Taylor Meeks, Bili Mason, Mary Beth Meehan, Donna Mitchell, Onna Moniz-John, Munir Mohammed, Tracy Montgomery, Hannah Resseger, Basma Samira, Ibraham Sabur, Joel Rosario Tapia, Simone Spruce Torres, Stephen Wood, and students from the Central Falls High School Arts Program.


Art League RI presents:

Open Juried Regional Theme Exposition: “OPPOSITES”


Jan 28 – March 19, 2016
The VETS Gallery, Providence
Opening Reception, Awards Announced: Thursday, February 4, 5:30 – 8:00 pm
Artists and Juror Talk: Thursday, March 3, 2016 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Sponsored by Art League Rhode Island • JURIED BY DOMINIC MOLON
We invited visual artists across New England to use any medium to embody the idea of opposites. Come and see the results, a selection of works by these 40 artists:
Nina Ackmann, Bob Aldrich, E. Ann Baldwin, Mary Benton, Markus Berger, Elizabeth Bodell Gargas, John Buron, Lelia Byron, Cathy Chin, Heidi Coleman, Anne Winthrop Cordin, Anthony P. DeAngelis, Tamara Diaz, Cynthia DiDonato, Sharon D. Eisman, Ruth Emers, Jemison Faust, Susan Fossati, Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, Mimo Gordon Riley, Marjorie Hellman, John A. Hiigli, Bonnie Jaffe, David Kendrick, Nixon Leger, Julie Martin, Reed McLaren, Susan Petree, Joanne Phillips, Ellen Pratte, Cindy Robinson, Hannah Hurricane Sanchez, Ken Steinkamp, James Sundquist, Felicia Touhey, Judy Vilmain, Richard C. Whitten, Lincoln Williams, Vincent Wolf, David Zapatka.
ARTISTS AND JUROR TALK at The VETS Gallery: Thursday, March 3, 2016 7:00 – 9:00pm. Join “Opposites” juror Dominic Molon and artists Richard C. Whitten, Marjorie Hellman, Mimo Gordon Riley and Felicia Touhey as they share a discussion about process and selection.
About the Juror: Dominic Molon is the Richard Brown Baker Curator of Contemporary Art at the RISD Museum. Molon was previously Chief Curator at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis and a curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.
The VETS Gallery, One Avenue of the Arts, Providence, RI. Enter at 83 Park Street. Accessible. Gallery Hours: Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, 12 – 3 pm or by appointment. (401) 861-0500 • email at

Where: VETS Gallery: One Avenue of the Arts, Providence RI

When: January 28, 2016 to March 19, 2016

Opening Reception: Thursday February 4, 2016  5:30 to 8pm

Juror: Dominic Molon

Curator: Richard Brown Baker-Curator of Contemporary Art RISD



“PORTRAIT” Juried Show

Artists have been making portraits for centuries.  We would like to see your interpretation of this classic tradition.

Exhibit Dates: January 6, 2016 to January 27, 2016


Opening Reception: January 9, 2016

Where: Trescott Street Gallery:

8 Trescott Street
Taunton MA  02780
phone: 508.824.0484

Participating Artists:

Holly Carruthers
Patricia Schappler 
Kathleen A. Kneeland
Tamara Diaz 
Tania Dias Vasconcelos
Melissa Scheid Frantz
Carly Helen Cummings
Eric Hovermale 
Paula Pitman Brown
Stephanie Todhunter
Al Weems
Matt Miller
William Gibson
George Ducharme 
Nancy C. Levin   
Chloe Feldman Emison 
Tricia Morales-Giambusso
David Michael Kornik
Rebecca Strohm 
Daniel Kornrumf
Rei Ramirez
Rita Mello
Scott Francoeur
Susan Kelley
Bob Leal


MEMBER’S EXHIBITION @ Attleboro Arts Museum 

Opening Awards Reception: Saturday December 12, 2-4pm 2015

Exhibition Dates: December 9, 2015 – February 3, 2016 (The Museum will close Dec 25, 2015 and reopen Jan 5, 2016)

Members Exhibit Attleboro Arts Museum

Over 300 works from our member artists. All mediums and concepts on exhibit.

Guest juror: Karen Roarke, artist and director of the Hunter Gallery.






It has long been understood that visual art can transcend cultural boundaries and is in fact a universal form of human expression. From April 11th – May 9th the Attleboro Arts Museum, in partnership with The Art League of Rhode Island (ALRI) and The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA), presents Art Unites Communities. Seventy works created by over thirty juried artists from all corners present their work side-by-side in this exhibition – honoring the unifying force of visual creativity.

“Art Unites Communities is a lively tribute to art and culture,” states Mim Fawcett, Executive Director of the Attleboro Arts Museum. Fawcett continues, “Exhibiting artists vividly celebrate heritage, cultural experience, native language and points of view in this show. The selected work will be displayed as one blended community of visual expressions.”


Attleboro Arts Museum: 86 Park Street, Attleboro MA

April 11 – May 9, 2015 

Opening Reception on Saturday April 11, 2015 2-4pm


 Rhode Island State Council for the Arts (RISCA) and the Asociación de Argentina de RI presents: Argentina and Latin America Art Exhibition


Dates: December 15, 2014 to January 15, 2015

@ RISCA’s Atrium Gallery

One Capitol Hill, Providence RI

Artists: Ariana Wohl, Tamara Diaz, Robert Thorn, Saul Ramos, Mayra Martinez, Diego Zamberlan, Cecilia Pirotto, Carolina Donnantuoni, Liliana Balgu, Sergio Andreoni y Alan Oscar Alberto.

Performances by: Shey Rivera Rios, Marleny Luna y Providence Tango



RISCA Traveling Art Exhibit: Latin American Artists
Warwick Museum of Art Exhibit, Warwick RI
January 13-March 6 2015


Artists: Tamara Diaz, Fransisco Hernandez, Ildefonso Franco, Nilton Cardenas, Rebecca Flores, Saul Ramos, Mayra Martinez, Maria Del Carmen Mercado, Carolina Arentsen,y Julian Osorio


Art and Healing: Remembering Christiane Corbat The Work Continues
November 3 – December 12, 2014
Art and Healing Round Table – November 13th at 7pm
Gallery Night Reception – November 20th 5-9pm


A multimedia exhibit of healing artists – fine artists, art therapists and rehabilitative artists, expressive artists – representing the use of art in healing, inspiring, transforming and overcoming illnesses.

The exhibit features the work of: the late Christiane Corbat, Mary Jane Began, Mary Ellen Benoit, Diana Boehnert, Mary Jane Condon Bohlen, Carol Conley, the late Sr. Corita Kent, Bill Comeau, Pam Cruze, Barbara Cunha, Cynthia F. Davidson, Sandy DeLuca, Tamara Diaz Ted DiLucia, Nichole Donje, Melanie Ducharme, Lilian Engel, Isabelle Engel, Ana Flores, Susan E. Fox, Barbara Ganim, Ginny Fox and the Peace Flag Project , Susan Fossati, Ricky Gagnon, John Irwin, Kathy Horridge Kenney, Linda King, Michael Lapointe, Nora Lewis, Maaza, Saberah Malik, David Morse, Cynthia Packard, Linda Phelan, Joanne Phillips, Lenka Kohoutova, Carol Rodi, Lynn Rosario, Barbara Rosenbaum, Erin Smithers, Karin Sprague, Sandy Salzillo-Shield, Donald Talbot, Jennifer Stratton, Rosemary Warburton; Munir Mohammed for Diocese of Providence, International Gallery for Heritage and Culture, and Mathewson Street Church/Headsup Inc; along with and RI Department of Health Smoking Cessation Program.


Come check out my solo show: Solamente Tamara: Colorful Soul! @ University of RI (downtown Provience Campus): 80 Washington Street. Opening Reception on Gallery Night, Thursday October 16th  2014, 5-9pm. This show will consist of original works from 2000-2014.  Also look out for the outside windows on Washington Street October 1-31, 2014.



Women of Distinction Exhibit
March 3-28, 2014

Gallery Night Reception March 20, 2014 5-9 pm
The photographic portrait exhibit is created by Munir Mohammed and Erin X. Smithers with biographical information gathered by Linda A’Vant Deishinni through a collaboration with the International Gallery for Heritage and Culture.

The exhibit features images of over 75 women from the area who make a difference in our community. Some of them are well known and involved in our government, profit and non-profit world. Others are individuals who have an impact and are role models in less public arenas, as volunteers in unpaid positions, but who create a better world through their efforts and contributions in the community and the home. The photographs will be accompanied by brief biographies describing each one, illustrating the impact one person can and does make on the community in Rhode Island.


The project will be accompanied by a collection of images created by Central Falls High School Students working with their Art Teacher, Deanna Camputaro identifying and highlighting women who are their positive role models.

Where: URI 80 Washington Street, Providence RI


The Narriative Image @ City Arts, Providence RI 

January 16 to February 17, 2014


The Narrative Image is a group art exhibit of artists working in a range of styles and media, whose oeuvre explores cultural history, identify and storytelling, to exhibit in our community gallery space. The overarching narratives illustrate and explore questions like: 

Where do I come from?

Where are we now?

Where are we going?

This exhibition celebrates cultural heritage as it relates to a community or an individual. This exhibition will provide an opportunity for the young arts in City Arts after school program to use storytelling imagery as aininspiration for their own work. Some themes covered in this exhibit are Cultural history, storytelling and Identify. 


Unconference- Creative Feminisms: Art, Activism and Everyday Action

February 7, 2013 by Annamarie Tush

Join the Hive Archive and URI Providence Campus Arts and Culture Program to celebrate International Women’s Day on Saturday, March 9th at the University of Rhode Island’s Providence Campus for an “unconference” — Creative Feminisms: Art, Activism and Everyday Action.

We invite you to a day of lively conversation and discussion. Art of Hosting leader, Teresa Konechne, will guide us into conversations in the morning sessions. After lunch a panel of local renowned artists and activists, moderated by feminist artist and Pembroke Center scholar Faith Wilding, will speak about the connections between local and global movements. The three other panelists are Anna Shapiro, public and performance artist, Ju-Pong Lin, community performance and video artist, and Liandra Medeiros, founder of ONE World*UN Mundo Nonviolence Consulting Firm.

Following the “unconference” there will be an evening showing of Teresa Konechne’s film “Woven from the Land,” including a talkback with the film maker.
Our event will gather feminists and gender norm challenging folks, artists and creative people of all colors, and activated people of all stripes to work toward ending sexism and to create a gender equitable world. Strategies for future artistic endeavors and creative activism will be explored.

The University of Rhode Island’s Providence Campus Urban Arts and Culture Program is co-sponsoring the event and is also holding an accompanying exhibit of art, CREATIVE FEMINISMS: Art, Activism & Everyday Action Exhibit March 4-28 (gallery night reception March 21st) — a show for, by and about women in all media focused on health, wellness and empowerment.
For more information, contact Ju-Pong Lin at 401-829-8748 or Steven Pennell at or see Partially funded by Rhode Island State.
Suggested donation for the “Unconference” is $25 to help cover the costs of artists and speakers – but it is a pay what you can afford event.


Anything Goes Art Show, Provincetown, MA

Anything Goes Art Show 2011

Carnival Week Friday Aug 19th 7-10pm 2012
Helltown Workshop: 237 Commercial Street, Ptown Ma

Participating Artists: Dave Tree, Michael Crosett, David Christopher, Justin Giarnella, Henry Leitzel, Robert Otto Epstein, Maureen McCarron, Tamara Diaz, Dave Moore, Salvia Plaque, Vangokart, Chris Smith, Fireball, Ethan Manach, Matt Millett, Stephen Wells, Ramiro, Joey Mars plus guests


The State of The Arts in Rhode Island @ University of RI, Providence, RI (2011)



(Below): Miracle Due, Gonna Come True (2009) @ Courthouse Center for the Arts, RI

(Photo above by John Kotula) Peruvian painter: Nilton Cardenas, Artist: Tamara Diaz and a Dominican Artist (2009)



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