Welcome to my Art page! The easiest way to see my art is to go to the HOME page. You can also scroll down to the bottom of the page to find where it says CATEGORIES. You can search by the medium or by the year.  I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to contact me with any questions or leave me a comment!! On this page, I will also start adding designs (scroll down).

Below: “Reach Out” Design by Tamara Diaz (2016) This is part of the Tapitas Symbols Project. One of many painted ice cream tops which tell a visual story. I have round glossy stickers and magnets of this design for sale.


Below: La Virgen Cardidad Del Cobre by Tamara Diaz (2014) 

Acrylic Paint on Canvas (24×18)

La Caridad del Cobre (Our Lady of Charity) is the Patron Saint of Cuba. She is honored yearly on September 8th. 



BELOW: La Palma (2016) Design from the Tapitas Symbols Collection, a Recycled Art Project of Symbols painted on Ice Cream Tops.



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