About Tamara Diaz


(Photo above by John Deputy) 

Tamara Diaz is a visual artist and social worker who’s art has been described as fantastical and metaphoric. The works are colorful, suggesting a pop (art) feel, but they also demonstrate strong emotional content. Often the images tell the viewer a story through symbols, in a narrative form. The original feeling of the piece might have originated through pain, but the emotional process gets transformed through the colors and lines, often leaving people with a happy or curious feeling. Tamara’s portfolios, which go back to 1998, range from colored pencil works, watercolors, paint on canvas paper, black ink on white paper drawings, photography, marker series and mixed media projects. As a social worker, Tamara has also used art therapy as a tool for self expression and healing and tries to model the same for herself. Tamara has traveled extensively and has also worked on two murals, in the Dominican Republic and Providence, RI. As far as inspirations, Tamara is mostly inspired by everyday life; the community work that she does with children and families, as well as traveling, love and art/culture.

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